Digital Illustration2003-2020

My journey with illustration throughout the years has taken me from creating Handmade works to venturing into Digital illustration. When I started illustrating back in the 1980s there was no Internet and computers were just getting started. Mind you, the first computers that appeared for the general public were very expensive. The PCs were more accessible than the Apple Macs. Macs were way too expensive and it wasn’t till the 2000s that I could afford one.

I started out working with a PC with a good scanner. My idea was to scan my work and start sending it on the Internet. That happened around 2000. I learned how to scan and prepare my illustrations for sending in JPEG format. It became pretty obvious that scanning was an art form in itself.

Later, I started testing out the early software apps that graphic designers were using. That process was slow and the learning curve was complex. I started learning to use digital tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter. Later, I learned about new ones like StudioArtist, ArtRage, Procreate, Manga Studio, Mischief, Krita, and Gimp. I developed techniques with these applications and ended my handmade illustration work. By about 2005 I had stopped creating handmade illustrations. And by 2007 the La Vanguardia newspaper started printing everything in color so my experience illustrating in black and white ended.

The journey from handmade work to digital illustration has been an exciting and challenging evolution and some factors have changed the field and profession. The speed of creation, turnaround, and delivery is much faster today than when I started. The software has evolved dramatically and the techniques have changed.

I am proud and feel very fortunate that I belong to a generation of artists that started before the Internet and evolved with the changes. I call this the Hinge Generation: one foot before and another one after the transformation of computer technology and the Internet. I have hundreds of illustrations (handmade and digital) saved and want to share them here on my web. I don’t know if this is a gallery or a museum! This is why I’m showing these two different types of illustrations on this web. The texture of imagery is still a big difference… Lots of eye-candy imagery out there in illustration. What I present on this web is a selection of different types of digital works and also different types of handmade illustrations.