Other Early & Different Work – 1979-1995

I thought of showing some very early work from the 1970s and 80s and other pieces from magazines, catalogs, and a book I illustrated. I had studied Fine Arts and Graphic Arts in the Crescent City! Some of these works were done there before I left for Europe, and then there are others from when I started illustrating for newspapers in Spain. In the case of the four catalogs in New Orleans, I helped design them and made some illustrations too. There are many more things I could show but I want to reflect the kind of work I did initially.

In Spain in the mid-1980s, I first started at the El Pais Newspaper from Madrid, and then I began working weekly for La Vanguardia Newspaper in Barcelona. The first piece I did for them was on the Opinion Section page with the article about Imelda Marcos written by Horacio Sáenz Guerrero on October 3rd, 1989. I went on to collaborate with them for nearly 30 years. In the mid-1990s I started collaborating with newspapers from the States: San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Washington Post. I worked for magazines here and there like Tikkun, Algo, The Progressive, Man, Gentleman, Foreign Policy, Lateral, El Ciervo, Tiempo, Marie Claire, Cromos Architecture Digest, and The Washington Report. On one of the slides, there is an image of the cover and pages of an article that was published in 1993 in the Spanish Design magazine Visual about my work.