Scratchboard/Scraperboard – 1992-2004

This technique came from my deep love for printmaking. I started to develop this type of work in the early 90s and continued to create pieces until about 2004. I had to buy scratchboard from the US and the UK because it did not exist in Spain. On a trip to New York, I discovered that you could even buy textured scratchboards, and that provided new image possibilities. I alternated creating illustrations in smooth and textured boards from then on.

When you use the knife-blade pen to scratch the black-covered board, you slowly bring out the white with lines that create a very contrasted image quality. It is like a dry-point or etching print but without the acid washes in the printmaking laboratory process. I later studied printmaking from 2005–2011. It had been my dream from way back in my college years in the 1970s.