Tipp-Ex/White-out – 1991-2005

This technique suddenly appeared in the early 90s when I wanted to create illustrations in black and white and couldn’t find a paint in white that was matte enough to register well on a black background for the newspaper printing process.

I tried using white acrylic paint on black matte board, and the effect was okay when I saw it on the printed newspaper page. But one day I tried Tippex (what White-out is called in Spain) on that same blackboard, and the effect was really powerful. I later saw the newspaper printed page with this combination and realized that this technique had lots of possibilities. The clumsy and messy little brush the bottle came with provided an interesting work technique. The rapid drying limitations and the brush clumsiness gave me a wonderful learning curve, and I quickly developed a technique for my illustrations. The procedure was similar to the ink one. I repeated the drawing over and over until I produced a wonderful and magical painted image. Then I made a group selection similar to the Ink ones and kept the best one. Sometimes I saved this one and another two that were interesting.

I developed this technique from 1991 till about 2005. And as with the other techniques, I wasn’t able to reproduce it with digital tools. By then, also, the newspaper had started to print their pages in color and this technique had no use in my newspaper illustration.

I started to learn how to use digital tools: Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Studioartist, and Krita. I developed techniques with these applications and totally ended my handmade illustration work. That is why I show these two different types of illustrations on this web.