Illustration Exhibitions

Different exhibitions that included my illustrations over the years. Some of these have included handmade originals with the pages from the newspaper and others have featured the pages from the newspaper’s Opinion section. I have saved many pages over the years and have quite a collection. These include samples from La Vanguardia, El Pais, The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Washington Post, Le Monde, and The Courrier International.

Galería Maeght – Barcelona 1991
Associació de Periodistes de Cat. - Barcelona 2010
Instituto Europeo de Diseño, IED - Barcelona 2010
Sala Walter Benjamin - Portbou Girona 2010
Galería Maeght – Barcelona 1994
Associació de Periodistes de Cat. - Barcelona 1995
Courrier International - St Díe Francia 2006
Courrier International - Genova Italia 2008
Hotel de Ville - Bruxelles Belgique – 2010




Also, a video made by Televisión Española – TVE – called ‘Correspondencia’ featured the exhibition at the IED – Instituto Europeo de Diseño in Barcelona – in 2010. This show included a conference at the institute. That show and conference began my teaching experience there which lasted for over 10 years. We created a summer international course called Creative Illustration in English with students attending every year from all over the world.



Sala de Exposiciones de la Associació de Periodistes de Catalunya 

Barcelona – 2010

Javier Aguilar, ‘Illustrated Thoughts’

Through 44 illustrations selected from the hundreds of drawings that Javier Aguilar has created for the opinion pages of the newspaper La Vanguardia over the last 20 years, we can discover how this Chilean-Catalan artist portrays the reality of the country which he decided to settle in after 1983. He has also lived in various places in Latin America, in the USA, and the UK – all over the world. There is no doubt his career has influenced the way he observes his surroundings. That allows him to offer the La Vanguardia readers, illustrations that distill a great knowledge of the history of ancient and modern art, and the iconographic repertoires of contemporary culture. In reality, these ideas are expressed with images, because deep down, Aguilar is a thinker who shapes in his drawings a personal cosmopolitan vision of today’s society and its conflicts.

That is why we are not surprised that his illustrations accompany the articles of prestigious authors collaborating with the newspaper: politicians, philosophers, sociologists, writers, journalists, economists, etc. He complements these texts with an image which often becomes a visual bait for the reader. That’s why I find the artist’s decision to present the printed illustration especially interesting so that we can value it in its context and not in isolation.

Expressionist at times and surreal at others, Aguilar always employs, however, a critical realism with a personal touch, which he first cultivated with traditional art techniques like pen and brush on paper, then with collage, scraperboard, and even with White Out. And now, he executes illustrations with computer tools from our digital age.

Daniel Giralt-Miracle – Art critic